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Most Learning professionals complain that their main competition is Google and YouTube. They lament that they have this great content in the LMS yet people go to their favorite search engine to find out how to do something, even if not the way the company would prefer.

Worse, most of these articles and videos don't meet high Instructional Design standards.

And yet...that is where employees are choosing to go for performance support, job aids and just-in-time learning.

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Proven success

Marketers have mastered the concept of providing

  • Useful
  • Helpful
  • Relevant 

content that is easily searchable and that addresses particular questions. In addition, we have studied (largely with Google's help via Google Analytics) how people search for information, what information they are searching for, when they want it, as well as in what modalities they want it.

Since 2005, we've been collecting and using this data to develop content that meets the needs people have.

The fact that your employees have been going to, using and revisiting the content marketers have created confirms that we are meeting the need and in a way preferable to most learners.

Why not let us bring that expertise to your company and let's merge the best of both worlds.

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