Onboarding campaigns


Use personalized automation 

The first impressions on the first day of a new employee's life with a company can make or break their longevity with the business.

By automating not only the required documents, but also the learning paths and other support experiences can turn that experience around. 

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Employee Loyalty Campaign

By approaching onboarding as a marketing campaign, that is, with the intent of building loyalty and excitement about your brand, working with a marketing company, well, make sense. 

With 20 years in the field, we understand how to build a multi-touch, scalable campaign, which can be automated, tracked and measured over a short- and long-term period.

Brand standards will be respected and subtly incorporated so as to help new hires understand the proper use of the logo and assets.

We will work with you to establish a learning culture from day one and to reinforce and celebrate their progress.

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