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Many companies let resumes go into a black hole, which leaves a negative impression of the company with candidates. And in a world of social media, this is an unnecessary risk to take.

What if, using automation, you had an email campaign that stayed in touch with candidates, keeping them interested in future opportunities? What if, with a targeted blog strategy, you used Inbound Marketing to attract the top candidates, and used Lead Scoring to help you identify the most pro-active and most engaged candidates?

What if you stayed in touch with seasonal employees between seasons, increasing the chance that they will choose your company again, decreasing costs and improving productivity?

Why wouldn't you?

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Using Marketing Techniques and Tools

A resume tells part of the story, but how interested is someone in your company? How deep do they go and what are they looking into? 

What if you could gain insight into if they are most interested in your benefits package or into the new solutions you are bringing to market? Which candidate would you want to interview or hire?

Using marketing tools like HubSpot can help Recruiters gain insight and assign lead scoring automatically based on how proactive and engaged a candidate is with the company's website and social media. Do they download white papers? Do they like and share LinkedIn posts?

Plus, if they opt-in, we can continue to provide information to seasonal employees and/or good candidates who weren't selected for a current position, all with automation. Like nurturing potential clients, we can continue to educate these individuals about the company culture, new opportunities and additional skills they could consider for future development.

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