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Inspire your top candidates to choose you 

It's not enough to just have potential employees to know about you and even become interested in you. You need to convince them to join your team.

A lot of effort is put into Recruitment Marketing, but getting them interested isn't enough. While you are exploring multiple candidates, you need to make sure you nurture what interested them in the first place and to deepen that interest into a desire that will encourage them to choose you over any other company.


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Nurture and Close


In the world of marketing and sales, we don't just attract leads, we score them based on how likely we think they are to become clients and we nurture their interest to get them more invested in our solutions.

We should be doing the same with employee candidates.

Are paying attention to how they arrived at our website and job posting and how they navigated the site? Are we providing an opportunity to provide additional information beyond a generic newsletter, which can keep them engaged while the selection process continues? Do we stay in communication with seasonal employees so they still feel connected to the company, so they will want to return, decreasing onboarding and training time and cost the next year?

We can help you get these up and running - contact us today!

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